The annual meeting of the Ryerson Lake Association will held on May 25th, 9am at the Sherman
Township Hall.
Dues are $25 and can be paid at the meeting or by sending a check to Heather Lallo 5330 McCormick Dr. SW Grandville Mi 49418. Make checks out to Ryerson Lake Association.
The Ryerson Lake Association and the Lake Improvement Board are 2 separate boards. The
Improvement board collects our tax dollars allocated for lake improvement, weed and algae control. The Lake Association pays for buoys to mark the islands, upkeep of the boat launch, our membership in the Michigan Lakes and Streams Association. We also pay for the watermelons for the boat parade, which thanks to a select few, is growing in participation and enjoyment each year. We also pay 50% of the Fireworks shot by the Camp. In the past, we have stocked fish, which will be discussed again at the meeting.
Please remember the Township Burning Ordinance. Burn clean wood only, no household trash or garbage of any kind.
Welcome to the new residents, please come to the meeting with any and all of your questions.
We are asking you to please continue your support of The Lake Association by paying your dues. If you are not yet a member, please join. If you have any questions, comments, or an idea, contact any of the board members listed here. Better yet, see you at the meeting!
Ken Smalligan President 231-924-5453---231-923-0899--kandv52@comcast.net
Joseph Fox Vice President - joseph.dwight.fox@gmail.com
Heather Lallo Treasurer - 269-720-5382
Don Clark Secretary - 616-723-2898 - declark01@comcast.net
John Duba Director - 616-822-9218 - j-duba@live.com
Chuck Yonker Director - 616-566-9763—reknoy52@hotmail.com
Marge Hallada - 231-924-3927—mahallada720@gmail.com
David Hintz Director - Dhintz2294@gmail.com
Terry McIntee Web Director - nat8sal@gmail.com
Bernard Rocca Camp Echo Director - bernardr@mcgawymca.org
Scott Tyink Camp Echo - scottt@mcgawymca.org
We hope to see you at the meeting!



Sherman Township Hall May 25, 2019


Call to Order, 9:00 AM

Newaygo County Commissioner Report, Jim Maike

Secretary’s Report

Treasurer’s Report (Member Dues $25)
Michigan Lake & Streams Membership (dues $175)

Water Quality Report
Don Clark, President of Lake Improvement Board

Independence Day Festivities, Thursday, July 4th
Fireworks, Camp Echo, at dark, approx. 10:00 PM ($1,550)
Parade of Boats, at north end by 7:30 PM

Web Site Report, Terry McIntee

Fish Survey and Stocking Report, Chuck Yonker

Swan Report FYI check out Mike Blair on You Tube re: Trumpeter Swans

Camp Echo Update
“End of Summer Get Together” August 24 from5:00 PM to 7PM

Junk Drive, June 8th from 8 AM to 2 PM at the Township Hall
Ryerson Lake Apparel—info at the meeting
Public Comment

Election of Officers
President - Ken Smalligan
Vice President – Joesph Fox
Secretary - Don Clark
Treasurer – Heather Lallo
Directors – Dave Hintz, Terry McIntee, Chuck Yonker,
John Duba, Marge Hallada, Camp Echo (Director)