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New:  2014 Ryerson Lake Fish Study
            Submitted by Chuck Yonker
New:   2014 Ryerson Lake Boat Parade

McGaw YMCA Camp Echo

Camp Echo is a coed, residential YMCA camp on Long Ryerson Lake near Fremont, Michigan, amidst 492 acres of woodlands and wetlands. In the spring and fall they host schools and adult groups, many from the local communities and surrounding counties. Each summer they enroll about 1,000 different campers age 8 to 17 for one- and two-week sessions, and about 100 different families at their four Family Camps.  To learn more about Camp Echo, please visit http://www.ymcacampecho.org/ .

Swans and other Waterfowl

There are many different types of waterfowl that are native to our area that frequent our  lake.  The various species that many have seen  include Trumpeter and Tundra Swans, common loons, meganzers, hooded meganzers, buffleheads, great blue heron, green herons, king fishers, mallards, canadian geese, and many other species of duck-like birds.  We are blessed to see the young from the various duck and geese species during the late spring and early summer months.

We also have mute swans that frequent the lake that are not native to Michigan.  In recent years, the Michigan DNR has considered a number of options to reduce the population statewide.  This has caused controversy with residents on the lake.  There is an article on page 4 of the Ryerson Lake Improvement Board Newsletter, Spring 2014, that gives more information on mute swans.